Book Review-Radical Equations by Robert Spiller

When I got a notification from Robert Spiller introducing himself and asking me to read and review his book, I was flattered. It never occurred to me that anybody would want me to write about them or their books. Of course I said yes.

Even though his book is not set in Hawaii, nor does it have anything to do with being Jewish, I found a few connections. The main character is a teacher. I used to be a teacher. Even though she might have been a math teacher and I an English teacher, my father was a math teacher in the last years of his life. Connection enough for me. I also really like the title.

I knew I was busy, so I said that I would write the review some time in June.  I had no idea how busy I would be. Due to the advent of summer and my children not being in school which translates to them being in constant need to be driven somewhere, I did not do a whole lot of reading. It is hard to read in the car.

True to my word, I did finish the book and am writing the review. I’m sorry it took so long.

I enjoyed reading Radical Equations by Robert Spiller, when I finally had the time. It has an upbeat, kind of punchy tone and I like the fast pace of the prose.

It is set in Colorado Springs and I wonder if readers from that area feel as connected to his references to the natural beauty of the area as I do when I read books that are set in Hawaii. It certainly made me want to go there and visit.

What I learned while reading this book is that I am not really a big fan of mysteries. That does not mean I didn’t enjoy reading the book, but I found myself more engaged by the characters, than the plot.

I really like Bonnie Pinkwater, the main character. Her impetuous nature moves the action forward as her self-proclaimed “imp of the perverse” leads her to push the envelope as she interacts with the other characters.

What I like best about Ms. Pinkwater is that she is a great teacher. My favorite segments, by far, are set in the classroom. I like her teaching style!

The end of the book is action packed and very exciting. All the dangling pieces of the plot and subtle clues add up very nicely. I thought I had it all figured out and I was definitely surprised that I had missed a few hints and the solution turned out to be much different from what I expected.

Mahalo to Robert Spiller for sharing his book with me.

P.S. I just made the connection that this book is set in Colorado Springs and they are literally under fire right now. I don’t know if that is where Robert Spiller lives, but I will be thinking of him and others and maybe Bonnie as we pray for their relief and safety.