Counting my blessings

Among the wonderful blessing of  simply living in Hawaii is that there are a lot of  rainbows. It gives me even more joy that there is a special blessing in Hebrew just for the rainbow. I love it that I get to combine the two on a regular basis.

I have gotten into the habit of snapping a photo of them with my iPhone. Here are few of my recent favorites.

I saw this rainbow on Sunday evening when I was leaving the Kukui Center after a Kids Hurt Too Hawaii Board of Directors meeting.

This rainbow graced our presence last month when I was waiting on the top-level of the parking lot at the Neal Blaisdell Center to go to the Kamehameha Schools 92nd Annual Song Contest–and our first.

This is the double rainbow I saw outside our hotel room window in December when we were at Turtle Bay Resort celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary.

I can’t help but count in my blessings the opportunity to count these blessings every day.