What else do Jews do on Christmas? This one waits for the next day.

Travel. Christmas day is the perfect day to fly somewhere. I went to the airport yesterday to pick up my Mother-In-Law who came to visit from Florida. It was empty. It was so easy.

Of course I managed to miss the parking lot entrance more than once and drove around HNL a few times too many. But this gave me a clear perspective of how not busy the airport was yesterday afternoon.

And we are very happy to have her here for a visit, just in time for the rain.

When I was a kid my family often drove to Vegas on Christmas to be there just in time for my birthday the next day. I spent many a birthday there, including #21. I clearly remember being in the bathroom with Kathy (Brown) Goetsch at midnight on December 25 and joyfully cutting up my fake I.D.. Please don’t tell my kids!

My parents took us to see Joan Rivers one year and Frank Sinatra another in honor of all the great people born around December 25. I’m pretty sure I share a birthday with Joan Rivers’ daughter.

That’s another reason it was so easy for me to get comfortable with the local culture once I moved to Hawaii. Locals love to go to Vegas and I grew up with a father who did too.

I have combined this  love of going to Las Vegas and my Jewish tradition of flying on Christmas on more than one occasion with excellent results.

For my 40th birthday we flew on December 25 to be there in time for my for the big day. Kathy met us there along with other childhood friends from California  and we had a blast.

We met my sister there a few years ago. This time I was treated to a Jerry Seinfeld show for my birthday!

So, if you are looking for a good day to travel, I highly recommend Christmas. And if you are looking for something else to celebrate when all is said and done, there is always my birthday on December 26. I am happy to share!