Happy Birthaversary Darling…

Not only is the day after Christmas my birthday, but it is also our wedding anniversary. This is not by chance.

I married my wonderful, handsome husband three years ago on my 45th birthday (go ahead, I’m sure anybody can do the math.) I always say that it was the best birthday party I ever had. Not to mention, the smartest choice I ever made.

He chose the date and I agreed. He always says that it is so he won’t forget, but I don’t believe him. I just think he knew it would be a good idea and he was right.

I love our celebration every year. He is careful to make it special for both reasons and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate being alive than celebrate being married to a wonderful man.

Okay, enough kvelling about him.

So far, we have gone away each year to celebrate this special day. The first year the whole family went to the Big Island and stayed at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Last year we spent a few days at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

This year he made reservations for the night at Turtle Bay on the North Shore. We did not bring the rest of the family. It was just the two of us for 24 glorious hours of romantic relaxation.

He picked an ocean view room and we made excellent use of the comfortable lanai. We watched the surfers catch waves, this kids play in the pool and the sunset take over the colorful sky.

Happy Birthaversary Darling, and I’m looking forward to years and years and years of more wonderful celebrations.